Green is Gold


The Green is Gold campaign is a campus-wide initiative to save energy and reduce energy costs. Teammates from a location on campus (e.g., a department) work together to implement energy saving measures in their building.

The campaign will be divided into monthly challenges. Teams will be encouraged to focus on a particular area of resource conservation each month. The goal of the monthly format is to make Green is Gold easier for all staff members to participate by making the challenges more manageable. If you’d like to participate, you can register your team online and fill out the online score sheet. The Excel score sheet is still available as well.

Rewards for conservation efforts

Teams will be named on the Green is Gold website for participating.

A monthly winner will be named for earning the most points in each month’s category. Monthly winners will receive a prize related to that month's challenge.

Points should be earned for new initiatives only; if you have been practicing an action on the score sheet in the past, or have already counted points for an item in a past Green is Gold competition, we challenge you to only count points for new actions.

Teams with 125 points will be awarded Green is Gold certification.

The next award recognition will take place during the Earth Day Celebration on April 20, 2011.

Get connected

Visit this facilties web site to find out your building's current energy use. And join the Green is Gold listserv and share your tips for conservation or ask others how they handled conservation issues in their corner of campus. (Select "GREENISGOLD" from the list and enter your contact info.)

Use this image and tagline for a green email signature:
treePlease consider the environment before printing this e-mail.


Contact Tonie Miyamoto or Jeff Morrell for more information or assistance.

Team name, Department, Location on campus

  1. Aylesworthy, Office of Public Affairs, Aylesworth
  2. Towers Tag Team, Housing and Dining Services, Durrell custodial office
  3. Green PoweR, Dept. of Public Relations, Administration Bldg.
  4. STEPP, School of Education, ED Building
  5. The Jolly Green Grad Group, Graduate School, Student Services
  6. Ram Aquatics, Athletics, Moby Arena Pool
  7. Institute for the Built Environment, College of Health and Human Sciences, Spruce Hall
  8. Political Science, Clark Building
  9. Oprea, Mathematics, Weber
  10. PMF, Proteomics and Metabolomics Facility, Microbiology C wing
  11. Foreign Language Instructors and staff, FLL 774, C Clark
  12. Knaus, History, Clark Building
  13. The Masterminds, Housing and Dining Services, Palmer Center
  14. District Energy, Facilities Management, Heating Plant
  15. Warner College Student Services, WCNR Dean's office, NR107
  16. G-Force, Greek Life Office, Lory Student Center Rm. 176
  17. Conference Services Center, OCS, Shields
  18. Rams Kitchen, Housing and Dining Services, Ram's Horn
  19. Braiden Bunch, Dining Services, Braiden kitchen
  20. Corbetttairs, Housing and Dining Services, Corbett
  21. As The World Turns, Apartment Life, Palmer 208
  22. Big Chispas, Housing and Dining Services, Palmer Center
  23. Kitchen Kings, Housing and Dining Services, Durrell Center
  24. The Over-The-Hill-Gang, Projects-HSC, HSC
  25. We Deliver, Operations Management, HSC
  26. Lockshop, Housing and Dining Services, Ops
  27. CSUPD, CSUPD, Green Hall
  28. El Centro, Lory Student Center
  29. BioMARC, Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
  30. Stalwart Green Team, Athletics, McGraw Athletics Center
  31. Clear Cut, Colorado State Forest Service, Salida District, Salida CO
  32. Dean's Team, College of Health and Human Sciences, Gibbons
  33. Denver Green Team, Alumni/PR, Denver Center, 14th Floors
  34. Asian/Pacific American Cultural Center, Lory Student Center
  35. Live Green Community, Warner College of Natural Resources
  36. Edwards Hall, Residence Life
  37. AAC, Academic Advancement Center, Gibbons Bldg.
  38. Westfall Office Watts, Residence Life, Westfall Front Office
  39. RICRO, Research Integrity and Compliance Review Office
  40. SOE EARTHSAVERS, School of Education, Education Buildling
  41. Centennial Greens, Registrar & Student Financial Services, Centennial Hall
  42. Amy's Avengers, Vice President for University Operations, Administration Building
  43. LSC Marketing, Lory Student Center
  44. Ammonsonians, Admissions, Ammons Hall
  45. Allie Cats, Housing and Dining Services, Allison Hall Environmental Services
  46. Kill-A-Watt Fac Pack, Facilities, Facilities Services North
  47. Wizards of OM, Housing and Dining Services, Housing Services Center

Use these signs to promote conservation and recognize team members: